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The Silver 303 has 31 stitches plus a 4-step buttonhole, reverse sewing and a built in needle threader, a "must have" on any new sewing machine. Original scallop, blind hemming and multiple zigzag, plus stretch stitches e.g the straight stretch and overlock stretch, perfect for stitching all the modern day stretch types of fabrics. This machine is also at home when the user needs to sew curtains and will handle many layers of denim in it's stride.

Like most modern sewing machines, the Silver 303 also has plastic covers which help give it style and shape, however, under the covers is a sturdy aluminium frame which helps when sewing heavy weight materials. The appearance not only looks clean and uncluttered but the quality on the brushed outer finish is superb.

Stitch width and length are both adjustable. Threading is via the horizontal spool pin for a smoother flow of thread to needle. It has a automatic de-clutch mechanism built-in to the hand wheel for winding the bobbin meaning no need to push or unscrew bits and bobs to stop the needle moving whilst winding thread on to the bobbin.

Silver 303 sewing machine also includes the electronic foot control. It gives perfect speed control with-out the feeling that the machine is running too quickly. Each needle penetration is powerful even at very slow speeds thanks to the clever Silver 303 electronics and powerful motor.

Plenty room for large fingers or for those of us who have less dexterity in our hands and loading the bobbin case is from the front. The sleeve arm slides off and lowering the flap gives access to the bobbin case.

Silver 303 Main Functions:

  • Clip on feet
  • Lightweight
  • LED light
  • 4-Step buttonholes
  • Convertible sleeve arm
  • Built in accessory box
  • Variable stitch length up to 4 mm
  • Variable stitch width up to 5 mm
  • Front loading bobbin
  • Needle threader

Accessories Included:
All purpose foot.
Zipper foot.
Sliding buttonhole foot.
Button sewing-on foot.
Lint brush.
Patchwork edge quilting guide.
Darning plate for free motion embroidery.
Spool holders x 2.
Spare needle.
Spare bobbins.
Twin needle spool pin and felt.
Screw driver, light sewing machine oil all of which can be stored in the sleeve arm.
Dust cover.
Instruction book.
Electronics foot speed controller are also included.

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