Janome Atelier 9 Computerised Sewing/Embroidery Machine




 Janome Atelier 9 a wonderful sewing machine, you can also stitch embroidery designs using any one of the three hoops included.

It uses a colourful touch screen for navigation of the huge selection of 300 regular stitches of up to 9 mm width, plus you have a choose of 250 embroidery designs with 10 embroidery fonts and 40 exclusive designs by Anna Maria Horne which can be sewn at super fast speeds of 1000spm and up to 6.7” x 7.9” is size. The Janome Atelier 9 offers the ability to upload new designs or designs you have created yourself using the iPad apps; AcuEdit, AcuMonitor and AcuSetter each app can communicate with the Atelier 9 via WiFi, you can send any JEF design files from your iPad to this fantastic sewing and embroidery machine .

Once you have your embroidery design, you can edit it on screen, change thread colours, resize it +/- 20 %, rotate, flip or duplicate it, you can drag and drop it to a location in the hoop. Then add lettering or another design to make up you own logos, there are endless opportunities to customise to produce wonderful embroideries for cushions, table runners, jacket logos, children’s clothes or costumes, cards or embroidered pictures.

Another exciting feature of the Atelier 9 is that it has the AcuFeed Flex feeding system, which evenly feeds fabric from both the top and bottom and stops fabrics sliding against each other while sewing a seam or inserting a zip. Acufeed flex works well with both fine as well as heavy materials, also it is perfect when stitching leather, vinyl or when sewing multiple fabric layers while quilting.

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