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Electronic Bartacking Machine


Computer controlled, programmable, high speed, bartacking machine and button sewing machine,driven with compact AC servo motor, built into the machine head (Direct Drive System) and step motors, which control individual machine mechanisms. Innovative fast-change system of work clamp kits allows to use the machine as a bartacking or button sewing machine.

Programming can be made on easy to operate touch panel, which is a standard equipment of the machine. JACK Bartacking Machine JK-T1900GSK is provided as a standard with 100 patterns and 50 button attaching patterns. The operator can easily input and edit data.

Improved lubrication system – Oil stains are eliminated, thanks to advanced dry-head technology (needle bar and thread take-up no longer requires lubrication).

Standard machine’s equipment

  • work clamp kit for standard bartacking in 16 x 2.4 mm size (for other patterns it is necessary to change the clamps)
  • work clamp kit for using the machine as a button sewing machine

Technical parameters

  • maximum sewing speed: 3200 stitches / min
  • stitch width: 0.1 mm – 10 mm
  • sewing area: 30 mm (L) x 40 mm (W) (in order to sew all standard patterns in the machine, each time you have to adjust the elements that hold the fabric, i.e. work clamp foot and feed plate)
  • power supply: 230V

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