Brother Adjustable Zipper (Piping) Foot

BrotherSKU: XC1970052



Brother Adjustable Zipper / Piping Foot

Attaches zippers and pipings easily. Its position can be adjusted exactly on the edge of zipper/piping, avoiding the non-flat parts of zipper/piping, and presses the fabric with just right pressure.
1. Screw on the presser foot and select a straight stitch (left).
2. Position the presser foot over the long feed dogs on either left or right.
3. Loosen the clamp screw at the back of the presser foot and slide the presser foot so that the needle fits on the opening on the presser foot.
4. Check the needle does not hit the presser foot, and then tighten the clamp screw with a screwdriver.
5. Sew.

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