Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

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The Brother CV3550 cover stitch machines offer the finest coverstitch functionality for a high quality, sophisticated finish. Not only does this machine cover stitch it does it double sided top and bottom but also chain stitches as well ideal for hemming or and topstitching. Its top of the line when it comes to customers wanting a truly professional finish to sewing projects. It does not overlock, it is dedicated product designed to sew a professional coverstitch.  

If you’re looking for more from a coverstitch then the CV3550 Double sided cover stitch machine will suit you! it offers all features of the CV3440, plus an additional top cover stitch which gives you 3 more stitches for an even more professional look. By easily attaching the included top spreader, your machine can cover stitch both sides at the same time, normally this stitch is seen decoratively on garments or functionally with wet suits and neoprene. This special one step finish is previously been unavailable in a household sized product!

Whether the situation calls for a chain stitch, wide cover stitch or a triple top cover stitch, this new lineup of Cover Stitch machines can provide you the finishing touches you need whether hemming, binding, top stitching or adding decorative effects.

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