Blind Hemming Sewing Machine

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Blind Hemming Sewing Machines are great for curtains or for shortening trousers and sleeves etc. It is a must for every alteration shop

Can be used every stitch (1 to 1) or every second stitch (2 to 1).

1 to 1 stitch means that every stitch penetrates all layers of your fabric. This is used where strength is a primary consideration in places like draperies or bottom of trouser legs.
2 to 1 stitch means that every second stitch penetrates all layers of fabrics this is more commonly used where appearance is a primary consideration in highly visible places like ladies' skirts or blouses. This looks better due to only half of the stitches penetrating the fabric. Very little if any of your stitches will be visible on the outside of your garment.

Sleeve Arm - This blind hemmer has a small foot print yet the blind hemming area is set forward so it's easy to cope with large items.

It will produce a completely invisible seam.
Hems on light to medium plus - woven and stretch fabrics.
New feature now has a skip stitch feature.
Freearm for stitching cuffs with extension rest, industrial strengths for the professional user.
Table model with built-in 90watt motor unit and foot speed control.
Dial in the depth of stitch to suit fabric thickness.
Uses industrial type LWx6T curved needles.
Cast iron body for strength and durability.
Pad stitching, stitch lengths from 3mm to 8mm.

Our blind hemmer includes:
Knee lift
Bed clamp
Needle/Looper clear swing-up safely guard
Large standard screwdriver
Large star screwdriver
Allen keys
Spare needle
Foot control
Spare motor brushes
Instruction book

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